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omg_fb's Journal

It's Fruits Basket, OMG!
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What the friggity is this?

This is OMG! Fruits Basket, which originates from the original omg_naruto. The premise is that for unknown reasons (the curse?) there is suddenly two of everyone.

Each character has an IC and an OOC version, played by different people.

Eventually, the question "if you have sex with your clone, is it masturbation?" will be answered.


0. Be nice!

1. All levels of content are allowed, but anything with excessive violence, sex, or swearing, please place behind an LJ cut. Just ask yourself "would this be a rated R movie?" and if it would, cut it.

2. Each player may claim one character initially.

3. Anyone is fair game, no matter how big or small- from Tohru to Yuki's fan club.

4. Play will occur primarily in journals, which can be used both for journal style entries and for interaction between characters (that's the most fun part!) Just be sure to denote which is which. The omg_fb community will be used primarily for OOC posts and coordination.

5. Because this is an OMG RP, we thought it appropriate that the OOC characters' curse be OOC as well - therefore we will be picking twelve random and weird animals for the OOCs and the curse is activated by touching the same sex rather than the opposite.

6. If you are absent for more than two weeks without prior notice, we reserve the right to assume you've quit. Try to post to your own journal at least once a week- it keeps things moving. And Cat is the answer. <3

How to apply

1. Check the taken characters list
2. Follow the directions here.

Your mods today will be renabunny42 and slytherinblack. In the event of an explosion, you may have to choose new mods.